This article's version history on GitHub

See that nice little blockquote right above this line? That’s what this article is about. is powered by GitHub Pages and its source is version controlled publicly on GitHub. For the uninitiated, GitHub Pages is a free web hosting service offered by GitHub for websites whose source is version controlled on GitHub. It’s all very GitHub-y.

Since we have access to the source and the version history, it seems like a nice idea to make it easy for readers to see how an article has changed over time. I wish more news and journalism sites did this as a matter of transparency… No more ninja edits.

The implementation is super easy. I hard-coded the URL bits, but those could probably be generalised with some nice Liquid Templates. I wanted this feature on every page, which means editing the post.html layout. One-liner solution for my blog below:

So meta! My inner Hofstadter is pleased.